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More driving time

Less time searching, more time driving. No longer waste fuel or precious driving time looking for a secure parking spot. You can send them directly to an en-route location that has all facilities that you and your driver require.

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Reduce cargo theft

Providing your driver with secure parking areas along their route will not only provide them with comfort, but will also give you the peace of mind knowing your cargo and driver are safe. A win-win for the both of you.

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Improve your work environment

Not only streamline your administration but offer your drivers a safe and comfortable work environment. Be the top-notch employer you need to be to attract talented drivers.

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Cut on administrative costs

Use our Book & Pay system and receive one single VAT-invoice, instead of those many receipts. This will lower your internal operational costs.

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Advantage Security

Keep your driver and cargo safe

Truck Parking Europe offers you an easy to use platform to find and book secure truck parking locations. Helping you limit cargo-theft, minimise search traffic and contribute to a safer working environment for drivers. Book a secure parking spot in 20 countries

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Advantage Driver app

Truck Parking Europe driver app

We offer truck drivers an easy way to find a parking spot nearby. No matter where they are, there is always a parking spot nearby. All truck stops, parking locations and rest areas collected in one app for truck drivers.

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International network of Bookable locations

Our connected network of bookable parking locations, truck stops and depots is rapidly growing. Use our web app or driver app to book your next parking spot. Here you can find a complete overview of all Bookable parking locations.


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Book your secure spot in 3 steps.

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    Filter and find the Bookable parking of your choice. Press "Book" and enter your arrival and departure time, plus your details.
  3. Park secure
    The parking location is informed of your arrival and can see if you paid online or plan to pay at the location. Drive safe.

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* We offer payment via CreditCard, PayPal, cash at location and pay-by-invoice. Pay-by-invoice is only available upon request.

White Paper

3 key elements of safe road freight transport

Each year, over 8.2 billion euro is lost as a result of cargo theft. How do you ensure your cargo and driver are safe?

This White Paper discusses the 3-key elements of freight transport safety.

  • Staff and partners;
  • Hardware solutions;
  • Preventive measures on the road.

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With a growing network of bookable locations finding and booking a safe and secure parking location has never been easier.

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