Truck Parking 2018

The year 2018 in Truck Parking

We can’t believe it is almost 2019, so we thought it is time to look back on a great year.

In 2018 we processed thousands of reviews and lots of feedback from truck drivers across Europe. This further increased the quality of our parking locations. We are proud that the European Union used our data as a basis for their comprehensive study on Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas. Working together towards a common goal of creating a safe and efficient work environment for truck drivers and secure cargo.

We released new features year round. In November we introduced Book & Pay, a feature that offers online payment for booking a parking via our app or website. Completely digital and cashless via the Truck Parking Europe app. In 2019, we will increase the number of locations where we offer this service. Simply find, book, pay and park secure.

Currently our platform holds over 33.000 truck parking locations. We see a difference in facilities that are offered per truck stop and parking location. We looked at our database, combined bits and bytes and created the following overview of Truck Parking Locations in 2018.

Truck Parking Infographic 2018

Truck Parking Year in Review