Truck Parking Facilities Filter

Start filtering! All you want to know about truck parking filters.

Here we explain what the meaning is of all the different filter options in the app and how they can be used to your advantage.

How can I filter on desired needs?

  1. Go to the filter menu.
  2. Click on the filters that you want to select.
  3. Return to the navigation page.
  4. View the parkings that fit your selection.

How can I check if a filter is active or inactive?

Filters that are active are colored. Filters that are inactive are grey. Simply tap to activate a filter and tap again to deactivate the filter.

Filter overview

Filter icon Name Category Description
Parking areas Truck Parking Europe Parking area Parking Shows you truck parking locations that have at least five or more parking spaces.
Parking spot Truck Parking Europe Parking spot Parking Parking spots are lay-by's or space located in cities or industrial areas. Most of these locations have no comfort or security facilities.
Parking reservation Truck Parking Europe Reservation Parking This option will show you parkings that can be pre-reserved via the app and webapp. It makes sure that you have a guaranteed and safe parking spot.
Truck Break facilities Truck Parking Europe TB = Truckbreak Parking -Only available for Dutch companies and drivers.-

At truck Break Nederland locations you can safely decouple and park your LHV (Longer Heavier Vehicle). This option is only available for Dutch companies and drivers that registered for the Truck Break Network.

More info about Truck Break Nedererland.

KRAVAG facilities Truck Parking Europe Kravag Parking -Only available for KRAVAG Truck Parking members.-

KRAVAG members in Germany can use this option to find parking spots and offer parking spots.

More info about KRAVAG Truck Parking.

WC toilet facilities truck Parking Europe WC Comfort Tells you if there's a toilet available at the parking area. Which can be very convenient. 😉
Opening time parking 24/7 Truck Parking Europe Opening time Comfort Want to be sure that the parking area is open? This option will show parking areas that are open 24 hours a day only.
Restaurant facilities Truck Parking Europe Restaurant Comfort Getting hungry? Check out where the closest restaurants that offer truck parking are.
Shower facilities Truck Parking Europe Shower Comfort Nothing as relaxing as a hot shower after a long drive. This option shows parkings that offer free or paid showers.
Hotel facilities Truck Parking Europe Hotel Comfort Tired of sleeping in your cabin? Find hotels close to your route with a truck parking facility.
WIFI facilities Truck Parking Europe Internet hotspot Comfort Stay connected with friends and family, activate this filter if you want to view parkings that offer WIFI.
Medical care facilities Truck Parking Europe Medical care Comfort Don't feel so well? These parkings offer medical care.

In case of a real emergency: call 112.

ATM facilities Truck Parking Europe ATM Comfort Find the closest ATM and fill your wallet again. 😉
Shop facilities Truck Parking Europe Shop Comfort Want to cook your own food or do some grocery shopping? These truck parkings have a shop on their area.
Washing machine facilities Truck Parking Europe Washing machine Comfort Wash your clothes on these parking areas and return fresh and clean to your family and friends.
Paid parking facilities Truck Parking Europe Paid parking Comfort Not in the mood for surprises? This option shows you where you need to pay money for staying at the parking area.
Routiers Truck Parking Europe Routiers Comfort Find out if there is a Routier close to your route in France.
Food delivery services Truck Parking Europe Food delivery service Comfort In need of some food and not in the mood to create your own meal? Check out where the food delivery guy can bring you some.
Food delivery services Truck Parking Europe 24/7 Guard Security If you always wanted the experience of a body guard, then you should activate this filter. There is a guard on these parkings 24/7.
Fences facilities Truck Parking Europe Fences Security This means that it's a safe and fully fenced truck parking area.
Video facilities Truck Parking Europe Video surveillance Security Looking for some Big Brother safety? These parkings make you feel famous because you're being watched 24/7.
Flood light facilities Truck Parking Europe Flood light Security Does your truck deserves to be in the spotlight? These parking areas have flood lights that make your truck stand out.
ESPORG facilities Truck Parking Europe ESPORG Security ESPORG is the European association for secure truck parking. Some of our parkings have a ESPORG certification. This means that the parkings meet the high safety standard of ESPORG. Find out where they are via this filter.

More info about ESPORG.

TAPA facilities Truck Parking Europe TAPA Security If a parking on our list has a TAPA certification, this means that the parking area meets the security standard of TAPA. TAPA has a positive impact on reducing cargo crime.

More info about TAPA.

Truck wash facilities Truck Parking Europe Truck wash Infrastructure Continue your route with a truck that's nice and shiny. Check out where the closest truck wash is.
Gas station facilities Truck Parking Europe Fuel station Infrastructure Almost reached the red part of your meter? Find the closest fuel station and refill your tank.
Power supply Infrastructure Some trucks are in need of power supply during their break. These parking areas offer you power supply for your truck.
ADR filter Truck Parking Europe ADR Dangerous goods Infrastructure If you're driving a truck that carries dangerous goods (ADR), then these parking areas have a parking spot for you.
Truck repair filter Truck Parking Europe Truck repair Infrastructure Does your truck need a reparation? You can get your truck fixt at these locations.
Parking spots for trucks longer then 25 meter truck Parking Europe 25m. Infrastructure Is your truck longer then 25 meters? These parking areas have parking spots especially for long trucks.
Autohof Truck Parking Europe Autohof Infrastructure Find out if there's a Autohof close to your route in Germany.
Fitness - Truckers life Comfort Work-out during your break at these free outdoor gyms from Truckers Life Fitness on parking areas and stay fit and healthy.

More info about Truckers Life Fitness.

DocStop emergency doctor Truck Parking Europe DocStop Partner Feeling ill while your on the road and in need of a doctor? These parkings have a DocStop doctor located close by. Please call the DocStop Service Hotline first.

DocStop Service Hotline Europe: 00800 03627 867.

In case of a real emergency: call 112.

More info about DocStop.

ice free icon Ice-free Infrastructure With the ice-free filter you can search for parking locations where an ice scaffold is present: a scaffold that you can use for making your truck ice-free.