Press | Truck Parking Europe secures 40th Bookable location in Europe

Booking platform experiences rapid growth as the sector demands safe parking.

Truck Parking Europe reached a new milestone this week, connecting their fortieth secure truck parking location to their booking platform.  With 8 new locations in the last 2 months, the platform is quickly growing, and now offers 40 locations across 13 European countries.

April 2019 - Overview Bookable parking locations
April 2019 – Graphic overview of all 40 Truck Parking Locations from Truck Parking Europe

Truck Parking Europe offers fleet and security managers an easy way to find, book and pay for a secure parking spot along their route using a free smartphone or web app. This helps to reduce search traffic and limit cargo theft. The company has continued to expand the number of bookable locations available on their platform, from 15 locations at the end of 2018, to 40 locations across Europe in April 2019, with most locations close to a European Transport Corridor.

In 2 months 8 new locations

Lars Kobesen, Business Development Manager from Truck Parking Europe said, “In the last 2 months we have connected 8 parking locations in 7 different countries. We started with the option to pre-book locations in 2018, and 2019 shows that parking operators accept the need for one centralised booking platform for secure truck parking areas. 

The continual expansion of bookable locations is contributing to the mission of Truck Parking Europe to improve safety for drivers and their cargo, and data shows that the need is there. In a European study on safe and secure truck parking areas, 74% of transport operators said that they want a one-stop-shop for both information, and the possibility to book a parking location.

C4T Calais latest addition

Truck Parking Europe C4T Calais Contract
Lars Kobesen (left) & Stuart Madden sign contract. Making C4T Calais the 40th secure bookable parking location in Europe.

Truck Parking C4T Calais in France is the latest addition to the Truck Parking Europe booking platform. Stuart Madden, Chief Operating Officer from C4T Calais said, “A reservation option is the cherry on the cake for our completely renovated secure truck parking in Calais. It follows the trend of more security and the growing need among dispatchers to pre-book a parking spot. Truck Parking Europe offers a European wide network which we are proud to be part of.”

Truck Parking Europe’s database already offers information on 34,000 locations, and now 40 secure spots are available for booking. The company plan is to continue adding secure bookable parking locations, with the aim of creating a network that covers Europe’s main transport corridors.