Truck parking infographic 2019

Infographic | Truck parking the numbers.

Everyday drivers and transport companies turn to Truck Parking Europe to find and book truck parking across Europe. A new year is the perfect moment to reflect on the numbers of 2019. We have reviewed our 2019 data and straightened them out just for you.

The number of known truck parking locations increased with 8%, now totaling 36,462 truck stops, rest areas, Autohöfe and truck parking areas.

Germany, holds the highest amount of registered truck parking locations

Germany is the undisputed number one when it comes to the number of known truck parking locations in Europe. With 8,241 registered sites it offers far more options than the runner-up France (4,391 locations).

Though, facilities differ per country. On average 44% of all parking locations offer a toilet. In Austria (50%) and France (55%) every one out of two truck parking locations offers a toilet facility. More towards the south this number drops till below 30%: Spain (27%) and Italy (26%). “What about Germany?” you might ask. Every third parking location in Germany offers you a toilet. Whereas in the Benelux this number is 42% (Netherlands at 47% and Belgium at 33%).

Premium truck parking Europe

Premium parking locations are hard to find

Combining a fence, camera, flood light and a toilet does not seem too much to ask. However, the number of locations that offer these facilities is a small percentage of the total truck parking locations in Europe. There are only 512 locations that combine these facilities and offer at least 20 parking spaces.

The chance of finding a premium parking is the highest in Spain, where almost 6% of all Spanish truck parking locations offer these premium facilities. Even though Germany has the most truck parking locations, the number of premium locations is low with 36 locations.

Toilet facilities Truck Parking locations

Bookable locations

The number of bookable truck parking locations increased significantly in 2019, growing from 36 to 86 by the end of 2019. Providing drivers and transport companies the ability to book a guaranteed spot at secure parking locations. You can find the complete overview here.

Truck parking infographic

The Truck Parking Europe infographic (Truck parking in 2019) provides you with all the numbers you need to know when it comes to truck parking across Europe. Download the truck parking infographic 2019.

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Infographic | Truck Parking the numbers