Edit a parking

Edit a parking and help each other on their way

Around 2000 changes are made to the Truck Parking Europe app every month. And not only by the Truck Parking Europe team, also drivers can edit a parking. Does a parking have more facilities than the app indicates? Customise it and help others to choose their right parking!

Easily edit a parking

A parking has more facilities than the app indicates? You can change it in a few simple steps. This is how:

  1. Open de app and select the parking.
  2. Tap the three dots top right and hit edit parking.
  3. You can adjust now the location, number of spots and facilities. When you are done hit “publish”.

Or watch the video below.


Help make the difference

Your opinion is valuable. Tens of thousands of drivers rely on information and reviews to decide where to go. You are in the perfect spot to help.

When at a parking location, please take a minute to leave a review. Simply open the app, tap the parking location and hit 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good) stars. We might ask you for a little bit of context so your fellow drivers know what to expect.

Become a top user

Every month we publish the top users of the Truck Parking Europe app. These users have left most of the reviews and adjusted the parking locations. And that makes us happy! Because these users help us constantly improve the app, so that everyone can find a suitable parking place even better. Thank you drivers!

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