Audit reports truck parking

Audit reports on secure truck parking locations

Truck Parking Europe supports transport companies in keeping driver and cargo safe. Our audit reports provide information on security facilities at truck parking locations. These audit reports help security and planning managers approve secure parking locations across Europe.

The reports are an additional source of information in addition to our web platform, Our audit reports provide even more details than our web platform where a high-level overview is available on the facilities each truck parking location offers.

Our thorough audit procedure ensures detailed and firsthand acquired information making the Truck Parking Europe audit reports the standard for security information covering secure parking. Our audit reports work hand in hand with the standardised security framework created by the European Union (EU Certification for Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas). Truck Parking Europe encourages all of its parking partners to apply for certification when possible.

Index of the truck parking locations audit reports

Our truck parking audit reports cover both security, comfort and infrastructure facilities. The security section is broken down in the following topics:

  • Fence type, height etc.
  • Entry / exit
  • Type CCTV and area of coverage
  • Guards and attendance
  • Lighting type and location

Next to security requirement a basic level of service is required for overnight stays. The audited service requirements cover:

  • Toilets / showers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Washing machine
  • Food / restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Health facilities

Besides the topics mentioned above our reports also look at certification (TAPA, ESPORG) and infrastructure facilities. Infrastructure covers amongst others truck wash, fuel station, artic power supply and number plus type of parking spots.

Request access to our audit reports

Truck Parking Europe audit reports are only available upon request. After approval by one of our parking specialists you receive a confirmation including an email with the audit reports available per parking location.