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Find, book and park securely.

How it works

1 - Find

Open our app or go to the web app.

Find your HGV parking using the filter or search options.

2 - Book

Click “book parking” on one of many bookable parking locations. Enter your arrival and departure time, plus your details.

Choose your payment option. We offer payment via CreditCard, PayPal, cash at location and pay-by-invoice for fleets.

3 - Park secure

The parking location owner is informed of your arrival and can see if you paid online or plan to pay with cash at the location.


Use our web app

How it works.

Keep your driver and cargo secure

By using our booking platform, you can save time and reduce costs. Your driver no longer needs to spend time looking for a free parking spot. By directing your driver straight to the right place, you will reduce CO2 emissions and save on fuel.

This is complete peace of mind for both you and your driver, as you both know that driver and cargo are safe and secure. We call this a win-win situation.

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Growing number of bookable locations

The number of bookable HGV Truck parking locations on our app is rapidly growing. We are connecting drivers and managers with secure parkings across Europe every day. You can find all bookable parkings in the Truck Parking Europe app and via our web app. Simply use the "Reservation" filter or search for the orange reservation icon.

All bookable parkings