Keep driver and cargo safe

The Truck Parking Europe platform helps you save time and reduce costs by pre-reserving guaranteed parking spots. You do not have to worry about the safety of your driver, truck and cargo. Your drivers no longer need to handle cash, or spend time looking for a free parking spot.

Over 8.2 billion euros in cargo theft. Lack of parking. Accidents caused by parked trucks on the emergency lanes. Our services help you overcome these and other problems.

Find, book and park securely

  • Find parking locations that match your needs
    We provide you with the largest and most up to date information on truck parking locations. Easily filter 37.044 parking locations across Europe. View all amenities and attributes for each parking location, along with reliable reviews and ratings. Start finding your location.
  • Book a guaranteed parking spot
    Pre-reserving with our platform guarantees you a parking spot for truck, driver and cargo. No more parking on emergency lanes or at dark, unsecure, rest-areas without any facilities.
  • Pre-checked, secure locations
    Our team of specialists audit all locations, giving you ultimate peace of mind when a truck is parked at one of our locations. You can download comprehensive audit reports. Reports providing detailed information on available facilities.

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Save time and cost

  • Cut on administrative costs
    Receive one single VAT-invoice, instead of those many loose parking receipts. This will lower your internal operational costs. We offer payment via CreditCard, PayPal and pay-by-invoice.
  • Less time searching, more time driving
    The average driver spends one and a half hours per day looking for an available and safe parking spot. By using our booking platform, you can save time and reduce costs, Your drivers will no longer need to waste fuel or precious driving time looking for a secure parking spot. You can send them directly to an en-route location that has already been booked via our Driver app.
  • Reduce cargo theft
    Providing your driver with secure parking areas along their route will not only provide them with comfort, but will also give you the peace of mind you need to sleep well knowing your cargo and driver are safe. A win-win for the both of you.

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Fastest growing network of Bookable locations

Our connected network of bookable parking locations, truck stops and depots is rapidly growing. We offer you the largest network of international Bookable secure parking locations for truck and driver.

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Integrate parking in your planning software

Do you want to create the best experience in your fleet and transport management system? Integrate our locations into your software via our Truck Parking API. Increase security and efficiency and plan your routes from A to B, including parking spots.

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Improve your work environment

Not only streamline your administration but offer your drivers a safe and comfortable work environment. Be the top-notch employer you need to be to attract talented drivers.

Drivers ask for respect and comfortable working conditions. An important part is the ease and comfort of overnight stays, stop letting your driver find a place to camp but offer them a place to stay.

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Truck Parking Europe Driver app

We offer truck drivers an easy way to find a parking spot nearby. No matter where they are, there is always a parking spot nearby. All truck stops, parking locations and rest areas collected in one app for truck drivers.
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    Keep your cargo safe, start booking today

    Each year, over 8.2 billion euro is lost as a result of cargo theft. Keep your cargo secure by parking on pre-checked secure locations. Pre-book a guaranteed spot, now.

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    Whether you are looking for a long term parking solution or an overnight stay. If you want to know what Truck Parking Europe can do for you? Leave us a note and one of our truck parking specialists will get back to you?