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Our Truck Parking API for developers offers you the possibility to create the best experience for the logistics and transportation sector. Help planning managers keeping their drivers and cargo safe.

POI’s; Parkings Of Interest
With 37.044 parking locations across Europe, we offer the most detailed HGV parking information out there. Easily filter spots based on size, facilities and location. All accessible via our REST API and secured via JSON webtokens for authentication.

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Power use cases

Increase the User Experience and value of your fleet or transport management system.

The next parking stop on route

Integration means optimisation. Enhance (international) transport management systems (TMS) by integrating our API.

Provide real-time planning from A to B, including parking options along the route. Our API can provide any TMS the information it needs to make this happen. Planning is not just going from A to B, it often includes P for parking and resting.

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Book a secure parking

Bring peace of mind to truck drivers and planning managers. Offer them the option to filter on 35+ attributes per parking, find nearby parking locations or display them along their route.

Create a stunning User Experience. As well as filtering, we give you the option to let your users directly reserve the parking of their choice. Providing a complete user journey and bring complete peace of mind for your users.

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Increase security, reduce theft

Combine GPS of a Fleet Management Solution with real-time parking information, as a result you get valuable insights on where driver and cargo are parked.

Alert security and planning managers when a truck is parked at a non-secure parking area. Directly offer alternative locations to keep driver and cargo secure during their rest-period.

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