Dispatchers, keep your drivers and cargo secure!

Easily find and book secure parking locations.

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Stop searching, start finding

Set filters to find the right truck parking location according to your cargo and driver requirements. Filter on security, comfort and infrastructure level.

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Save time and cost

Avoid the risk of cargo theft and reduce the time drivers need to search for a parking. Provide your administration with one VAT-invoice instead of scrappy receipts.

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Book & Pay

Easily book a (secure) truck parking for your driver.

Cashless payment is available via the Truck Parking Europe platform, so your drivers do not need to carry cash for parking. This also reduces administrative work.

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Stop searching, start finding

In the Truck Parking Europe app and webapp you can easily filter parking areas and quickly book a secure parking spot. The filter option provides a clear overview of the parking locations that meet your requirements.

You can directly book a parking via our platform. After you have booked a parking, it can be easily forwarded to your driver so that the stop can be scheduled on the route. A user-friendly booking system that saves you and your driver(s) time.

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Save time and cost

Less time searching, more time driving
The average driver spends one and a half hours per day looking for an available and safe parking spot. By using our booking platform, you can save time and reduce costs, Your drivers will no longer need to waste fuel or precious driving time looking for a secure parking spot. You can send them directly to an en-route location that has already been booked via our app.

Reduce cargo theft.
Providing your driver with secure parking areas along their route will not only provide them with comfort, but will also give you the peace of mind you need to sleep well knowing your cargo and driver are safe. A win-win for the both of you.

Cut on administrative costs
Use our Book & Pay system and receive one single VAT-invoice, instead of those many receipts. This will lower your internal operational costs.

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Finding a safe and secure truck parking is easy with Truck Parking Europe. Our app and webapp offer you the possibility to filter parking areas based on security facilities such as CCTV, fences, guards and or floodlighting.

Find ESPORG and TAPA certified parkings with the tap of a button using our filter.
ESPORG and TAPA both certify truck parkings for security and services, so you know you are getting premium parking that ticks all of the boxes. We can tell you how to find your next parking, simply apply for a short and free demo.

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Own a depot?

You know best! There is a lack of secure HGV parking across Europe. Together we can solve this.

Do you have a depot with free parking spots during the day or night? You can exchange these empty places for extra revenue. More importantly, user-added parking spots can help us to massively increase the number of secure parkings available for drivers and their cargo.

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