Depot parking; let's solve the parking problem together!

Over 8.2 billion euros in cargo theft each year. Accidents caused by parked trucks on the emergency lanes. An increasing amount of search traffic. We need to solve this, to achieve a safe and efficient work environment for drivers and planning managers.

Because there are plenty of depots and logistics companies that have guarded and secure parking facilities available near Europe's transport corridors. These locations are vacant during the majority of time, but not accessible for truck drivers and planning managers. Perfect parking locations stay unused and are a potential revenue stream for its owner.

Truck Parking Europe opens these unknown safe and secure truck parking locations for other freight transport companies. We need you, your depot and depots of others to make this a success, so secure truck parking is no longer an issue and together we keep transportation moving.

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What's in it for you?

Help make freight transport secure
Offering more (secure) parking locations will create a safer working environment for truckers and limit cargo-theft.

What comes around goes around
Imagine every secure parking facility of a transportation company offering its parking spots to your trucks and planners? Wouldn’t that make the life of your truckers and planning mangers a lot easier. Saving you time, effort and money!

Increase exposure
Connect your (secure) parking location with tens of thousands of Truckers and planning managers across Europe.

Maximise your depot, grow your revenue
With a minimal effort you can create an additional revenue stream. Empty parking places become revenue drivers.

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How does Depot Parking work?

First, you are in control. You and you alone decides who can park at your (depot) location.
Help make transportation safe and secure. Create an additional revenue stream; start accepting bookings today.

1 - Evaluate & contract

Together we will evaluate your location and its facilities. When in agreement, we sign a mutual flexible contract.

2 - Set up your location

Our skilled customer care team will help you with the set up of your location and tariffs on our platform. On our platform you have 24/7 insights in your bookings. You can view reviews and adjust your occupancy and pricing as needed. When help is needed, we are just a phone call away.

3 - A partner approach

To ensure our partnership is successful we work closely together. We inform the truck and planning manager community. Together we can set up signs at your location that are crystal clear, effective and fit in its surrounding.

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