­­TPE depot parking: make a profit of your vacant spots!

What if you could optimise and make profit of those empty parking spots on your site…
That is exactly what being a TPE depot location allows you to do.

There is a shortage and a high demand for quality parking locations across Europe. We connect your free, safe and secure parking spaces with other trusted transport companies. So that they can reserve a spot and park their truck safely while you generate extra revenue from your vacant parking spots. A win-win situation for both you and the transport industry.

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Why offer your spaces on our platform?

We make it easy for drivers, security and planning managers of transport companies to find and book a safe parking spot along their route. As soon as your location is added to our booking platform, you stay in full control and experience the following benefits.

  • You receive extra income without the hassle
    It is easy and free to join the Truck Parking Europe platform. With a full access to all functionalities, you do not have to worry about the booking and the payment operations of your vacant parking spot. We market your TPE depot location, you generate extra income and together we help make freight transport safe!
  • Easy and flexible setup
    Promote your location by adding images of your location and select your comfort and security facilities. Set you hourly, nightly and weekend prices. If you want you can add custom deals. Offer your vacant spaces when it suits you and your business.
  • Help solving the parking problem
    There is a growing shortage and a high demand for secure parking across Europe. Offer your vacant space on our platform, welcome trusted names in the industry and help solving the parking problem! 

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How to become a TPE depot parking

First, you are in control. You and you alone decides who can park at your location.
Help make transportation safe and secure. Create an additional revenue stream; start renting out your vacant spaces today.

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Add your location for free

Together we will evaluate your location and its facilities. Setting up your location on our platform is free of charge. We sign a mutual flexible contract.

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Set up your location

Together we set-up your location on our platform. You determine your price. You have 24/7 insights on all reservations at your location via our platform portal. You can see reviews and adjust your occupancy and pricing whenever you want to. Do you need help? We are just a phone call away.

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Welcome your first trucks

Once your spaces are online you can welcome the first trucks.

To ensure our partnership is successful we work closely together. We inform the truck and planning manager community, the booking can begin.

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Follow the example of these companies...

One third of our bookable locations consist out of secure TPE Depot locations. Trusted names of the transport industry like Kuehne + Nagel and Mueller Transporte have joined t50he TPE Depot program. As have many others.

Start your succes story today. Sign up for the TPE Depot program.

Use case TPE Depot

Kuehne + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel added two depot locations to the Truck Parking Europe platform. The locations are conveniently located along transport routes in Luxembourg and Belgium. From the moment the parking locations became TPE depot locations, the bookings are pouring in. Apparently the need for this kind of truck parking places is great. Kuehne + Nagel is pleased that they contribute to solving the parking problem in this way!

Use case TPE Depot

Mueller Transporte

Mueller Transporte has a TPE depot location near Vienna. An environment with a lot of transport, but where there are few safe parking places for trucks. Mueller Transporte's TPE depot offers a solution for transport companies that transport high-value goods.

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