How it works.

Reserving and paying a guaranteed and secure truck parking spot is as easy as 1,2,3. Read how it works or watch our 1-minute video.

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Sign up for free

Go to our platform and create a free company account.

Optionally, you can invite your planning managers and drivers to let them create reservations as well.

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Find your spot

Use the filter options to find and reserve your parking spot.

Enter your estimated arrival and departure time, plus the details of the truck. Press “Book now” to confirm your reservation.

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Pay & park securely

Both the parking location and the driver are informed about the reservation. Park the truck on the reserved parking spot.

All reservations are paid online, and we send you one monthly VAT-invoice, instead of all those many receipts. We accept payment via credit card, pay-by-invoice and selected fuel cards


Increasing effciency

"Our security philosophy is based on proactive security management. Pre-reserving parking locations via the Truck Parking Europe platform helps us increase the security of our transports when they are most vulner able: when standing still. A guaranteed secure parking spot gives peace of mind for the whole company, from driver to administration.”

Patrick Freitag
Head of Security


Your benefits

Advantage Security

Pre-checked, secure locations

Our team of specialists audit all locations, giving you ultimate peace of mind when a truck is parked at one of our locations. You can download comprehensive audit reports. Reports providing detailed information on available facilities.

Book a truck parking

A guaranteed parking spot

Booking with our platform guarantees you a parking spot for truck, driver and cargo.

No more parking on emergency lanes or at dark, unsecure, rest-areas without any facilities.

Cut on administrative costs

Use our Book & Pay system and receive one single VAT-invoice, instead of those many receipts. This will lower your internal operational costs.

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