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3 key elements of safe road freight transport

Each year, over 8.2 billion euro is lost as a result of cargo theft. How do you ensure your cargo and driver are safe?

This White Paper discusses the 3-key elements of freight transport safety.

  • Staff and partners;
  • Hardware solutions;
  • Preventive measures on the road.

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Case study | Long-term parking

Willi Betz | Organising secure year-round weekend parking in France / Belgium

Willi Betz was looking for secure parking for one of their constantly travelled lanes through France and Belgium. During working days, the trucks are travelling non-stop with two drivers and strategically placed switch points. Weekends and EU regulations caused for operational encounters, mainly finding secure parking for (loaded) trucks near the driver switch points was a challenge.

Truck Parking Europe had the solution. We arranged over 15 secure TPE depot parking spots along the travelled route in both France and Belgium. These spots are not publicly available and only accessible for Truck Parking Europe customers. This way we make sure the trucks are parked safely and cargo is secured year-round during the weekend breaks.

Do you have a challenge at one of your lanes or overnight stays? Let us know we are happy to help.

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