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LOG-IN CZ is a transport company in the Czech Republic and a specialist for security transport. We talked to Patrick Freitag, Security Manager at LOG-IN CZ and a long time user of the Truck Parking Europe platform.

”If you are transporting highly valuable goods, you have to think about where to park every day. We have done it for years and have a security team that’s working 24/7. The Truck Parking Europe platform supports us in an efficient working methodology.”

TPE | How did you get in contact with our platform?
PF | ”The first time I used Truck Parking Europe was to search parking locations in certain areas, for example in the neighborhood of Amsterdam. I used the platform to see what parking locations exist there. I was positively surprised by the platform. It was very easy to see what the parking location could offer me. Is it a parking with floodlight, is there a shower for the driver? It was the easiest tool.”

TPE | What are according to you the benefits of our platform?
PF | ”Over the years the Truck Parking Europe platform got more and more features. For example more parking places and new filters. And then really secure parking locations could be pre-booked. Reserving a parking spot in advance is very helpful for us, because the parking situation on the route is different every night. Of course, the truck drivers are very skilled at finding a place when they need to park. The thing is that they sometimes stop earlier than they need, so they don’t use all driving time. Next to security, this is a subject the Truck Parking Europe platform really helps with. It helps us to improve the driving time. We can go further with our trucks.”

LOG-IN CZ Transport Driving

TPE | LOG-IN CZ uses our platform to pre-reserve parking spots. What is your main reason for reserving a parking spot?
PF | ”When we reserve our parking spots, we are sure that we can park our trucks safe and secure. This is also very helpful for the driver. He knows: when I come to the parking location, there is a space for my truck and I can have a night’s break and everything that I need. And this is for the company also an economic point. The driver doesn’t stop earlier than he needs. This means the work is done more efficiently.”

"I would definitely recommend to reserve your parking spaces via the Truck Parking Europe platform. Then you know where your drivers park your trucks, and that they are all at safe locations. The crucial point for us is to stay safe for driver and goods!”

TPE | Who within LOG-IN CZ create reservations?
PF | ”Our 24/7 Security team are all invited to our Truck Parking Europe Company account and can use the tool with their own login credentials. As the tool is very easy to use training a new colleague is easily done, I can explain how the platform works in a short time. After which they can reserve parking spots on our company account.”

TPE | How do drivers react to this way of working?
PF | ”The driver also experiences advantages of this way of working. There is less work for the driver to do. Drivers don’t need to have much cash on hand, which increases safety. Different currencies in the EU is not a big problem, but if you have driven a long distance and collect ticket after ticket your administration department is not too pleased. The monthly invoice is really handy and not only saves the driver a lot of time but our back office as well.”

LOG-IN CZ Transport Parking

TPE | What is your favourite parking location?
PF | ”The most popular parking location where we are booking is the Kuehne + Nagel security depot location in Luxembourg, Contern. We already were allowed to park there, but prior to the location accepting reservations from Truck Parking Europe we had to do a lot of manual work before we could park there. Now it’s very easy. We use the online platform, book our parking spots and receive one invoice at the end of the month. We are in close contact with the parking team of Truck Parking Europe. They let us know when a new truck parking is connected to the platform and tell us what the security facilities are.”

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